BIG Bible Town Class Project

Mrs. Smith’s Class Goes To BIG Bible Town – Once or twice a month use the game to teach a Bible story and then use the tokens you earn to build your home and town. By year’s end your kids will have learned lots of Bible stories and built their own Bible Town.

Play The Bible Adventure In Class and Then Use The Tokens You Earn To Have Fun!

  • Create your classroom character
  • Choose Bible Adventures that match your curriculum and play them in class
  • Use the tokens you earn to get your classroom character a home, outfit, and a pet
  • Let the class decide how to spend the tokens and how much to contribute or tithe
Let the class pick your church projects – a new church, school, or hospital

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Subscribe To BIG Bible Town For Your Class - $55.99 for 12 months
  2. Each Month You Get 3 Bible Story Adventures Of Your Choice – Pick the stories you like and play them in class on your laptop computer
    1. Play the Bible Story Adventure while your class watches (15 minutes) or
    2. Let kids take turns playing parts of the Bible Story Adventure
  3. Group Earns Tokens & Decides How To Spend Them
    1. Get a outfit, pet, home or contribute to church projects
    2. Choose church projects: new church building, school, playground, hospital
  4. Encourage The Other Kids To Play At Home & Become Your Neighbor
    1. Kids can join from home & play two stories for free or also subscribe
    2. Invite them to be your neighbor – they can help with church projects
  5. Be sure to start your game before class begins, preferably the night before class, so any game updates can be downloaded before class. Otherwise your class may have to wait while your game downloads updated content. The update occurs as soon as your game starts. When you see your character to select and play, the update is complete. We typically update the game once every few weeks.

What do you need?

  • One computer/laptop with an internet/wireless connection
  • Visit and try it for free and then subscribe
  • Call us for free over the phone training on how to do everything:
    • Call (256) 489-4103 and say, “I’d like free training to use BIG Bible Town in my church”
  • Still not sure?
    • Try it with one of the two free Bible Story Adventure games or
    • Sign up for 1-month at $5.99 and pick any 3 Bible Story Adventures
    • Give it a try and see what you think
  • Print and handout this BIG Bible Town flier so the kids can go home and play more - Click for more details.
Want To Do Even More? Encourage other classes in your church to participate. You can add up to 4 additional classroom accounts to your subscription for only $1.99 per month each. Use these extra accounts in other classrooms so they can play the Bible Story Adventures, earn their tokens, and become one of your neighbors! It will be a lot of fun to visit Mrs. Johnson’s or Mr. Tucker’s home to see their progress compared to yours!
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