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There are over a thousand churches of all denominations and tens of thousands of households using Third Day Games products to encourage kids grades K-6 to read the Bible. Why? Because our games are fun and they are centered on reading the Bible. The core-teaching element of our games is the Bible Story Adventure. With each Bible Story Adventure, kids explore the setting of the Bible story, open the Bible to read along as the scripture is narrated, and then complete fun activities related to the Bible story. Click here to watch a video of a typical Bible Story Adventure.

BIG Bible Town is our main product and it was designed primarily for families to play online at home. It is a Christian alternative to extremely popular secular games like Club Penguin, which has over 6 million users. BIG Bible Town offers families over 30 Bible story adventures and we add about 2 new Bible story adventures each month. Each time a child plays a Bible Story Adventure, they are rewarded with tokens that they can spend in the BIG Bible Town market to purchase outfits, pets, and home items. The game also encourages kids to contribute some of their tokens to their church-centric community for projects such as building a church, a school, or a hospital. Kids can also use the structured-chat features of the game, which do not allow free text typing and only allows pre-defined appropriate messaging, to interact with their friends and invite them to be their neighbor and help with these projects. Families can try the game and enjoy two Bible Story Adventures for free by going to and registering for a free account. Families that choose to subscribe to the game receive access to 3 additional Bible Story Adventures each month.

We also offer a product called Bible Champions, which is ideal for church use because it offers the main teaching element, Bible Story Adventures but does not require an online Internet connection. Bible Champions is available in 3 volumes of about 15 Bible Story Adventures each. You can preview each volume’s Bible Story Adventures at (be sure to scroll down for each volume).

Here is a list how churches are using BIG Bible Town and Bible Champions in their youth ministries:

  1. Enhance Your Church Website With Bible Games For Your Families– Place the following link on your church website to promote BIG Bible Town to your families: Click Here. Remember many of your parents are searching for Christian alternatives to ever-popular online games. The link introduces families to the game and also offers them a 15% discount should they decide to subscribe.
  2. Send BIG Bible Town Home With Your Kids – Print out the following PDF file , copy it and send it home with your K-6 kids anytime during the Sunday School year. Kids can enjoy the two free stories and if their parents are looking for an alternative to the secular games they purchase, you’ve provided it with a 15% discount! You could even study Noah Obeyed God or Jesus and Zacchaeus when you hand it out as these are the two free stories the kids play first! Special times to send it home include: the start of fall classes; the fall, Christmas, spring or summer breaks; at Easter; and at VBS.
  3. Make BIG Bible Town A Class Project – If you can bring a laptop with a wireless internet connection into your classroom, then your class can build it’s own Bible Town over the course of the school year. Every few weeks you can bring in the game and study a Bible story by playing the Bible Story Adventure and then using the tokens earned to buildup your town. Over the course of the school year kids will learn these Bible stories and build their own Bible Town! You will also want to hand out BIG Bible Town fliers to your kids can play more at home. Click for more details on this activity.
  4. Put Bible Champions On Your Church Computer – If you have a computer lab in the church you should consider ordering a copy of Bible Champions for each computer. Let the kids play when it’s convenient or structure a rotation program around these very good Bible stories. If you have a set curriculum then several of your Bible stories should be in the game and if you don’t have a set curriculum then consider the Bible Story Adventures as the basis for a program. See the full list of stories at
  5. Start a Teen Video Game Ministry – Encourage some of your teens to use Bible Champions as an interactive ministry similar to a puppet ministry. Your teens will need a big screen TV, a computer and speakers. They will lead the children through the Bible Story Adventure asking questions along the way and letting kids take turns guiding the character. Just like puppets, the game completely captivates the kids and is just the type of ministry that will encourage game-loving teens to jump in and help. You’ll also want to hand out a BIG Bible Town flier so kids can play more at home - Click for more details on this activity.
  6. Use Bible Champions In Your Children’s Church – Just like the teen video game ministry described above, you can use Bible Champions in your children’s church. If you limit the game play to exploring each part of the Bible story and skip the optional side tasks, you can easily present a complete Bible story with discussion in 15 minutes. Again, be sure to sent them home with a BIG Bible Town Flier.
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