Bible Adventures

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37

An expert in the law tries to test Jesus while he is teaching. Jesus tells a parable about the Good Samaritan, who shows mercy to a man on the side of the road. Jesus tells the expert in the law to live like the one who showed mercy.

The Bible Story Adventure Game

This story takes place on a road to Jerusalem. Children begin by looking for Jesus as he is speaking to his disciples. They listen to Luke 10:25-28 and watch the expert in the law ask Jesus, “Teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life?” After hearing Jesus’ response, kids must find another Bible and listen to Luke 10:29-30. In this animation, children watch the expert continue to question Jesus; Jesus responds to him by introducing the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Kids are instructed to find a way into Jesus’ parable. By locating a teleport token, they are “transported” into the parable which occurs along the road to Jericho at night. During the narration of scripture from Luke 10:31-34, kids follow the road to Jericho. They come upon a priest and then a Levite, both traveling alone. Upon finding each man, kids listen to the scripture and watch as each of them briefly stop near the hurt man, ponder the situation, and then keep on walking—passing “by on the other side.” Children then find the Samaritan man and watch as he is filled with compassion for the hurt man. Kids observe him bandaging his wounds and taking care of him. Children are then instructed to find the Good Samaritan and the traveler at the inn. Kids must continue to travel along this road until they find the Good Samaritan with the traveler at the inn. During the narration of Luke 10:35, children watch the Samaritan awake, give the innkeeper two denarii, and say, “Take care of him.” Kids must then find a way back to Jesus to hear the conclusion of the Gospel story from Luke 10:36-37.

Children are instructed to help take care of the traveler at the inn. (They must use the teleport token again to return to the inn.) Kids find bandages, clean clothes, food and drink. After bringing each of these items back to the traveler, children begin to see that he looks and feels better. Finally, kids are asked to find the traveler’s shoes and walking stick. After returning these last two items, the traveler is completely well and is able to leave the inn and go back on his way. Children must then find the Faith Focus before entering into the Bonus Round.

Children can earn additional points throughout the game by assisting others. Kids meet a man who wants to worship a golden statue, but they can remind the man of the first commandment. The man decides to melt the statue instead, sell the gold, and then give the money to the poor. One man needs help repairing his roof, while another man needs help irrigating his crops. Children also find baby birds that have fallen out of their nests and need to be returned to their mothers.

Kids will especially enjoy the challenge of a foot race with a young boy they meet along the way.


Find Jesus speaking to his disciples and watch cinema of Luke 10:25-28.

Find the Bible and watch a cinema of Luke 10:29-30.

Find a way to travel to Jesus’ parable.

Find a priest traveling alone (Luke 10:31).

Find a Levite traveling alone (Luke 10:32).

Find the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:33-34).

Find the Good Samaritan with the traveler at the inn and watch a cinema of Luke 10:35.

Find a way back to Jesus and watch the cinema of Luke 10:36-37.

Help take care of the traveler at the inn.

Find the Faith Focus.

Collect bonus tokens; then find the cross to end the game.

Jesus speaks to the expert in the law. (Luke 10:25-28)

A priest “passed by on the other side” without helping the hurt man. (Luke 10:32)

In Luke 10:33-34, the Good Samaritan cares for the hurt man.

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