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See how Christian parents and educators rate and review BIGBibleTown as a Christian alternative to other online video games.

"My daughter LOVES playing Big Bible Town, even though she is 13. It makes the Bible lessons easier for her to understand. The prices are very reasonable & well worth it for lessons that will last a lifetime. My husband and I got our daughter a subscription to it and she is loving every minute. When something garners my daughter's attention (which is hard to do) I take notice, and feel that if it works for her, it may work or interest others, too."
  - Robbin B., Homeschool Mom & Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

"As a Christian homeschool parent, I am always looking the Bible-based Christian games to entertain and educate my children. I would much rather see my daughters spending their spare time exploring Big Bible Town and having fun building their Bible knowledge than playing in some secular virtual world like NeopPets or Barbie Girls.  My seven year old daughter really loves playing Big Bible Town!  She can't wait for the next Bible stories to be published. "
  - Philip Conrod, President, BibleByte Books & Computer Science For Kids

"I love this game. It is great to finally have a game that my daughter can play long-term that teaches better values, Bible stories, and verses."
  - Michelle J., Homeschool Mom

"As a Christian homeschooling mom, I find that it is not always easy to find suitable on-line games, for my children. We are happy to be part of The BIG Bible Town community. The site is safe, educational, and edifying. My children are having a great time playing BIG Bible Town."
  - Monique R., Christian Homeschool Mom

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