Video Game Ministry

Teens Bible Champions Video Game Ministry - It’s just like a puppet ministry but it’s based on our Bible Story Adventures!

Have 3 or 4 of your teens do a ministry to teach Bible stories using Bible Champions. Just like the classroom use, they can interact with the kids as they explore the Bible story setting, make group decisions about how to solve puzzles and of course discuss the animated Bible story scenes, memory verse, and Faith Focus summary.

Here is a quick example of the how the teens interact with the kids as they collectively play and learn:

  • Look there’s Noah’s ark! Let’s go check it out!”
  • Wow, it sure is big! Why do you think it needs to be so big?”
  • Look there is a Bible. Let’s go read it to find out what’s going on!”
  • OK, Noah is supposed to be gathering the animals to put in the ark. Let’s help!”
  • Hey, there’s a frog! Let’s put him in the ark! I see a turtle! Get the duck!”
  • Alright, all the animals are in the ark. Let’s find another Bible to see what happens next.”
  • Wow, we are traveling in the ark with Noah, his family, and all the animals! Let’s help feed the animals!”
  • OK, it looks like we have found dry land! Let’s find a Bible to see how the story ends!”
  • Wow! Look at that rainbow! Why did God give us such a beautiful thing?”

Why is this a great ministry?

  1. Unlike a puppet ministry your have virtually no work. Your teens won’t have to construct puppet outfits, scenes, or memorize their lines – all of this is in the game and ready to go! Instead, your teens can focus on interacting with the kids as they navigate through the Bible Story Adventure. Their preparation is as simple as spending about 45 minutes playing the Bible Story Adventure so they can lead the group though all the activities and puzzles!
  2. Just like a puppet show this ministry is very interactive! Your teens can decide in real time what to do and when you want to do it! The kids may say, “Can we get on top of the ark and look down?” Your teens say, “Sure, let’s do it!” Or, “Can you go up that ramp so we can see if there are more animals in the top of the ark?” Yep, let’s go!”
  3. Video games are very popular with teens and elementary age kids. Your teens will really enjoy practicing with and presenting these Bible Story Adventures. It lets them show off their game playing skills. The 3D environments and interactive fun will capture the attention of the young audience and create the perfect opportunity for them to receive the Word with their full attention.

What do you need to get started?

  1. Visit, download the demo game, and try it for free
  2. Order Bible Champions 1, 2, or 3 based on the Bible stories you like - $19.95
  3. A Computer / Laptop with Internet / Wireless Connection (your teens have these)
  4. One or More Large Screen TV or Monitors (your teens have these)
  5. A Good Set of Speakers (your teens have these)
  6. Print and handout this BIG Bible Town flier so the kids can go home and play more - Click for more details.
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