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What Will My Kids Learn?

We created BIG Bible Town as a Christian alternative to other kidsí online games that promotes a high degree of Biblical literacy and a love of the scriptures. This online Bible game is scripturally accurate and does not promote a particular denominational viewpoint. Our objective is to “instill the Word and let the Word do the work.“.

As elementary age kids play the online Bible games in BIG BibleTown, they will have loads of fun participating in dozens of Bible lessons from both the Old and New Testaments. They will learn these scriptures by seeing and hearing each story, and then by doing tasks related to its key Biblical truths. BIG Bible Town also encourages repetitive play of each kids' online Bible game, thus strengthening each storyís imprint.

By earning and spending virtual money, kids practice math and money management. They also learn about missions and tithing and that when people work together as a church, they can do great things for their community.

With dozens of Bible lessons available, BIG Bible Town is a great educational resource to add to your elementary age home faith formation activities or homeschool curriculum or for Christian educators to use in the classroom or childrenís ministry.

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