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How Does It Work?

BIG Bible Town is a multi-player online Bible game for kids in grades K-6 set in a 1st century animated Biblical world. The objective of the game is to create your own personal BIG Bible Town homestead, while also building a vibrant, church-centric community. Hereís how it works.

With your permission, kids first signup for a free account to start playing this online game for free. They can customize their game character and begin decorating their homestead. They can also earn game coins by playing the two free online games - Noahís Ark and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector.

When you subscribe, your kids are able to unlock three new online Bible games for each month. These additional games let them earn more game coins that they can then use to decorate and upgrade their homestead, buy new clothes, and purchase pets to accompany them around their Bible Town.

The game also encourages kids to donate a portion of their game earnings to their BIG Bible Town church and to invite their friends to join their town. As citizens of each otherís towns, their contributions are donated to each otherís church allowing them to add a school, hospital, park, and more. By working together, they help each other grow their church and build a better BIG Bible Town.

We encourage Christian parents and educators can try it out for free and see how BIG Bible Town can be a great additional resource for your childrenís ministry, homeschool curriculum, or faith formation efforts at home.

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